Tips For Training Your Pet

Getting a pet is just like getting a new addition to the family.  The love and bond that is created is unlike anything else we can experience.  After the new arrival has come to the house and started to explore their new surroundings it will be time to start the obedience training saint anns on.  When we start training our new family member taking a firm, but gentle tone will improve your results.  Many people think that yanking and hitting are positive reinforcement methods which they are not.  For those looking for tips and tricks to help train your new friend take a look below.

Being consistent

No matter what type of training that you will do or which methods you feel are best the one thing that everyone will agree upon is that you need to be consistent.  Consistency is the driving force in any type of education be it with animals or humans.  If we are not consistent or if we send mixed messages, then we will not get the results we are looking for.

Clear commands

Training requires clear and concise commands.  When we decide on a command such as sit, your pet will need to know what it is you mean.  Adding extra words such as “down” will add a level of confusion during training.  Keep your commands to simple one-word phrases.


Rewards are great for training.  Putting a bone on your dogs’ nose, holding it in your fingers while keeping eye contact and even giving them something special in their bowl will be a good way to reinforce your commands.  When giving rewards it is our way of letting them know they did something good. 


Never punish your dog. Hitting, pulling and beating them will not get them to do what you want.  Depriving them of food and water is also inhumane.  If your pet isn’t responding, then you need to show them what it is that you want them to do. 

obedience training saint anns on

Building a relationship with your dog is the key to success.  Getting them to know you, respect you and love you will gain the best results.  Getting your dog to fear you will only result in them turning on you in the future.