The Worst Worm Dog Can Contract

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The heart worm is the worst worm a dog can ever contract. Because once the dog is heavily infected with this worm, its heart will be damaged irreparably. Fortunately, specially formulated heart worm nw houston veterinary treatments can save the dog.

The Houston area has a problem with mosquitoes. The insect infestation is not seasonal. It is a year-round occurrence. The mosquito is the creature that carries the heartworm larvae. The specially formulated veterinary course is able to provide heartworm disease prevention for pet owners in the city. Pet owners should not hesitate to have it provided for their pets. Not doing so could saddle you with costly treatments that will be inflated to four figures. The specialist course of treatment will require a few trips to the vet. And a few months of restricted activity for the animal will also be prescribed.

It is to be regretted that not all dogs will even survive the treatment should it be infected with the heartworm. And even dogs that do make it could have contracted permanent pulmonary damage. But by administering the specially formulated heartworm medication on a regular basis, this disease is preventable. And it is only necessary to administer the medication on a monthly basis. Still, pet owners do need to be reminded that if animals are already infected, the heartworm treatment regime may do harm to them. The United States Food and Drug Administration has also advised pet owners against purchasing online medication alternatives.

The pet owner needs to listen careful to what the vet has to say about this and diligently follow his prescription rules. It is unfortunate that not all pharmacies are abiding by state and federal regulations pertaining to the provision of authentic and approved pet medications which can and should only be prescribed by the vets.