Preparing Your Home For A Pet Puppy

Puppies are possibly the cutest things since kittens.  When we get a puppy our dreams of having a small creature running through our house fetching the morning paper and our slippers quickly fills our dreams.  Then when the puppy grows up, they will be a loyal friend and companion to our children and a protector of our homes. For many looking for puppies for sale staten island this is a great opportunity to find such a lifelong companion.  Before bringing them home however, prepping your home for their arrival will ensure that they are welcomed with open arms.

Sleeping area

The first part of preparing for your puppies’ arrival is to create a comfortable and safe sleeping environment.  With puppies it is important to get them comfortable as quickly as possible.  This can be done by purchasing a crate big enough for them to sleep in, line the bottom with a blanket or small bed, have a bowl of water as well as some food.

Crating your puppy

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When it comes to crating your puppy, many people will have different opinions on this subject.  Some will say it is cruel while other believe that it is for their safety.  The truth is that when we crate our puppies, we are giving them a safe personal space that will keep them safe. 


Have toys, clothing that smells like you and other items in the cage that will make them know you are around.  These toys should be specifically designed for your dogs’ size and breed.  Having toys that are too small or too big may hurt them.

Get on a bathroom schedule

The first couple of weeks you will need to get them onto a feeding and bathroom schedule.  This schedule will ensure that they don’t make a mess in your house as well as keep them trained on when they will eat. 

Taking these steps when getting your four legged friend will ensure that the relationship you grow will last a lifetime.