Keep Going, Keep Riding, That’s All You Need To Do

Before the next hurdle was approached, there might have been some hesitancy and indecision. You were never entirely sure if you were going to make it. But perhaps your horse knew. Perhaps in his own freedom to roam and gallivant, he may have felt sure enough that he could glide over the fallen fir tree. Or perhaps not. Perhaps he was uncharacteristically shy and timid. But that’s the beauty of it all.

Your riding instructor and horse trainer will quickly teach you two how to overcome your innermost fears. If this is your horse for keeps, the instructor will be teaching you your bonding exercises. The two of you need to build up a solid foundation of trust and friendship. Wherever he goes, I will surely go too. The horse can be docile. He can be wild if not taught. But once he is settled on the idea that you are his master or mistress, he goes willingly to you.

And he rides willingly with you. This could only come about if you treat him right. This again is something that your riding instructor will be teaching you. But such a lesson might just be a whole lot easier for both you and the horse, seeing as though you already love and respect the animal. Once he sees you at a distance in your riding clothes and your nicely polished boots, he already knows that you are ready for him.

riding clothes

But he wonders though; just where is your riding helmet. Oh, there it is, right there, tucked neatly under your arm while you balance the bridle between your fingers. And that’s just so important. Safety. The horse cannot help you with that. You are responsible for your own safety.